71st national Army day

See that flag? I know you do. It’s our flag, the Tiranga. It symbolizes our India as one. India-a cultural entity, democratic society, a nation with great citizens. But without protection would the nation have progressed so much. Without the sacrifice of our freedom fighters would be be sitting and laughing. Think about it. No!
So, a salute to all army men and freedom fighters. Without them we and our nation will never be smiling.
Happy 71st national Army day!



Hello everyone! I am Mishti and I am 12 years old.

Here is an article written by me on loneliness.

Have you ever felt really down? You have no friends and you just aren’t sad but feel really empty inside? In this situation, you are lonely. You don’t want to show it but you are. You smile when you wanna cry, you talk when you wanna be quiet. You pretend to be happy when you aren’t. You do this not only in front of others but when you are alone too. You want to hide this from yourself too. You feel like escaping from everything. You believe you the worst person on earth and everyone hates you. You can turn your loneliness into your best.
Can’t figure that out? Think again.
If you are lonely there is no one to criticize you or tell you your limits which aren’t even there. This is the time to dive deeper into yourself and find out who you truely want to be and want to go. Indeed, loneliness can turn you into your best. Learn to carry on. Take up something to cut through your lonely time. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Your only limit is your soul.
Mishti .V. Bhatia
Thank you!

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Must visits in Dharamsala(Himachal Pradesh,India)

Hey guys! I am Mishti and I am 12 years old.

Have you ever been to Dharamsala? If not ,must visit these fantabulous places there when you go.

  1. The Dalai Lama temple.
  2. Temple Road
  3. Bhagsunath temple and waterfall
  4. Mcledoganj main square
  5. Dal lake (Himachal Pradesh)
  6. HPCA Stadium
  7. War memorial Shaheed Smarak
  8. Tibet library
  9. Tibet museum
  10. Kangra art museum
  11. Tea gardens
  12. Mata Kumar pathari Devi mandir

These were a few spots you can explore but don’t forget this isn’t the end to the list. Keep exploring!

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Thank you!

The journey of a river

Hey guys! I am Mishti and I am 11 years old .

So today I am going to share a poem written by me on The journey of a river.


Flowing from the hillsides, To merging into the tides. Swiftly, smoothly the river flows fast, Houses and streets crossing past.


The water it has is: Sweet, fresh and clear. It makes the rumble, by which everyone trembles in fear.


It’s tough to be a river. Being not so rude that, people quiver and. being not so polite that, people respect you never.

Tell me how it is in your comments.

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Thank you!